American Christian Fiction Writers

Prior to joining ACFW, I felt like an isolated sailboat in the middle of the ocean. I joined writing forums and found critique partners, but most of them didn’t share the same morals as I did, and they couldn’t relate to my writing. I found it a challenge to avoid being exposed to offensive content, especially since the only way to get good feedback is to provide regular critiques.

ACFW gave me a great avenue for feedback from those sharing my values. Though I joined because of their contests, the other benefits are fantastic, too.

The first contest I entered (Genesis) was a humbling experience, but a good one. Three judges went through my submission with a fine-toothed comb and gave incredible feedback. I listened to their advice, and entered six submissions to a second contest later in the year. One made it to the top three, and another led me to find my editor/writing coach who has propelled my craft to an even higher level.

ACFW provides free classes, critique groups, and opportunities to connect with  awesome people who have written and published great books.

Since then, I have started attending local meetings where I met published and agented writers who have given me incredible advice. If you’re a Christian writer, please consider joining! For $65, it’s a great deal!

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